COMPASS organized Roadshow for Kenyan tour operators


In early November, COMPASS organized a successful Roadshow across Europe for the Kenyan tour operator network Gems of Kenya. The motto was: Holidays in Kenya, but different!

Unlike the trade fairs and events that we had organized for Gems of Kenya in the course of the year, this Roadshow did not address the potential tourists (B2C), but was aimed at the European tourism industry (B2B). European tour operators were invited to get to know the exceptional travel products of the African tour operators, receive detailed information and make new business contacts. Besides the members of Gems of Kenya we were joined by a Tanzanian tour operator from Zanzibar.

In the sense of a Roadshow, the members of Gems of Kenya of course did not only present their offers in one place, but in three of the major European source markets: Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden – traveling from Amsterdam to Frankfurt a.M. and Stockholm. The Roadshow appointments started with a general introduction of Gems of Kenya, followed by the product presentations of the tour operators.

With African charm and authentic anecdotes, the entrepreneurs presented their unique and sustainable travel products to the interested visitors. Afterwards, the visitors had the chance to get detailed information and explore cooperation possibilities in one-on-one conversations with the tour operators. Especially the smaller, specialized tour operators from Europe were very interested in the presented tour products, as they want to offer their clients more variety than always the same Big Five safari program.

A Roadshow offers a great opportunity to establish long-term business relationships that are crucial for a successful market entry in Europe. Whereas during a business trade fair many people are rushed by back-to-back meetings, during a Roadshow both sides usually take the time to present the products in detail and have in-depth conversations about cooperation possibilities.