Organizing a tourism workshop with the “Walt-Disney-Method”


On the 28th of January we organized a highly energetic workshop in the former power station of Lüchow in the district of Lüchow-Dannenberg. Apparently the name of the location said it all. More than 130 people participated in order to, firstly, get to know us as COMPASS and, secondly, to give some thought to the future marketing concept for the district Lüchow-Dannenberg. We were overwhelmed by the high response to our invitation; it showed that the event was considered to be really important. Especially the excellent cooperation of the participants was the reason for the great success of the workshop. They really accepted the Walt-Disney-Method and worked out goal-oriented keywords and implementation instructions. There were lively discussions in the 15 different groups as well as focused working sessions. Everyone was allowed to choose a group with the question that he/she found most interesting.


Based on the Walt-Disney-Method the participants successively entered three imagination rooms in which only certain rules and comments were allowed. In the room of the dreamer ideas were shared without any restrictions or criticism. In the room of the pragmatist it was argued which financial, material and personal resources are present to give shape and form to the ideas. Lastly, in the room of the critic it was allowed to say “yes, but” and perform a reality check of the project ideas.

The dynamic in the former power station of Lüchow was good! We as COMPASS were happy about the constructive work of the participants. Currently, we are reviewing and evaluating all the different ideas in order to incorporate them in the development of the future marketing strategy. Our conclusion is by all means: That’s where we want to go – that’s where a lot more people have to go!

Author: Silke Tosch

Consulting for cross border project funding and cross border project development. My main focus lies in consulting for INTERREG V A + B in the German-Dutch border region. I also have broad experiences in cultural management. Contact:

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