Cross-border destination management


In a previous article we reported about the approaches in cross-border regions and the difficulty that positive projects and its respective indicators of success actually are not documented. There is no real exchange and best practice examples and Lessons Learned are not communicated even though this is considered as highly important.

In the course of my master thesis I conducted several conversations in three cross-border regions in the last weeks. Thereby various aspects that are essential for the success of cross-border cooperation were named repeatedly and difficulties seem to be similar for the most part.

Different situations

The main difficulties and challenges for cooperation in cross-border destinations can be seen as followed:

  • Differing political systems of the countries
  • Dissimilar organisational structures
  • Cultural differences
  • Varied approaches of the players involved
  • Different national languages and insufficient mutual knowledge of these > difficult communication and need for interpreters
  • Poor commitment of the players to the region
  • Pursuit of own instead of common interests
  • Dependency on public funding – a lot of administrative processes, the realisation of tourism projects will be affected in the coming funding period due to the strategy 2020 by the EU

Indicators of success

Therefore, the aspects below are important for successful cross-border cooperation and need to be considered for an improvement of cross-border cooperation and projects:

  • Continuity of cooperation – integration of all players involved and continuation of good project approaches
  • Common objectives
  • General collaboration within the region – on diverse levels
  • Central organisation for the coordination of cross-border projects
  • Suitable and compatible organisational structures
  • Common regional perception – local players should know each other well
  • Linguistic and intercultural competencies through seminars
  • Inclusion of the private sector through internal marketing and support
  • Networks of high quality tourism products
  • Mutual exchange about realised projects and documentation of outcomes

Since there is a lot of potential in cross-border cooperation, we will continue to devote ourselves to the topic in future. In particular, since now the new INTERREG funding period 2014-2020 has been launched and we support companies in the application process, project planning and project management.

By Sina Leonhard


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