Tourism and Peace project with Master students from Cologne Business School


Together with four students, Professor Dirk Reiser and the Peace Institute at the University of Klagenfurt represented by Cordula Wohlmuther, Compass has restarted the “Tourism and Peace” project. With the help of Bonnie Lewtas, Elisabeth Klemens, Xiaolu Zhang and Hanno Martens in their third master semester studying Sustainable Tourism Management at the Cologne Business School, an earlier project proposal shall be revised and supported with expert interviews and further literature research.

To gain further insights into the project and discuss what the students can contribute to the research proposal they visited Klagenfurt together with Prof. Dirk Reiser. From Wednesday the 5th of November to Friday the 7th of October they stayed in Klagenfurt. On Thursday they met with Cordula Wohlmuther at the University of Klagenfurt. Cordula Wohlmuther introduced the Handbook on Tourism and Peace by the UNWTO, including peace research and case studies presented in the book. Afterwards the students held a presentation on their understanding of Tourism and Peace, which they developed during their courses. They had reviewed some literature in the subject and created their own mind map on the whiteboard.

Tourism And Peace_mindmap

After a visit to the famous Wörthersee during a lunch break in the pouring rain the group sat down to develop an exact task description for the project approach. The students will contribute the following to the improvement of the research proposal:

1. They will review different peace building guidelines from other industries and develop a list of those that can be adopted for the tourism industry.

2. The students will design semi-structured interviews on the effects of conflicts on tourism, the behaviour of tour operators and the importance of the development of guidelines.

3. They will target interviewees from tour operators in and around Cologne and question them on the topic, based on the developed questionnaire.

The project offers the students the unique opportunity to already gain practical experiences throughout their studies and to contribute actively to a very crucial project.

By Hanno Martens

Note: Here you also find the slides from the presentation held by the students in Klagenfurt


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