The INTERREG V A programme 2014-2020 is waiting for its approval – the German-Dutch community is about to begin


During the INTERREG IV programme a lot of innovative projects were successfully completed such that a continuation of the programme with increased financial means will take place for 2014-2020.

The main focus of the new German-Dutch INTERREG V A programme will be the following five sectors:

Agribusiness & Food

  • Health & Life Sciences,
  • High Tech Systems & Materials (HTSM),
  • Logistics and
  • Energy & low CO2 economy

New are the strategic initiatives, which represent an examination of indicators. The strategic initiatives constitute core components of the new programme. Sector experts developed a framework for every strategic initiative including content and objectives. Thereby the high quality of the project results shall be guaranteed. For the project development, networks that have been established during the former INTERREG programmes shall be activated and new partners, who have an affinity for innovation, sought actively. A formation of clusters is highly desired.

Cross-border tourism

Projects with respect to cross-border tourism have a chance for funding in so far as they refer to at least one of the sectors and consider the strategic initiatives. Hence, project ideas that combine cross-border tourism with conservation, cultural offers or the preservation of the cultural heritage feature a good starting position for funding.

Taking the initiative at an early stage

The INTERREG secretariat encourages submitting project ideas at this time already even though the programme has not been officially confirmed yet. It is hoped that until the opening event on 19th of November in Hengelo the project will be approved by Brussels.

Seeking support

We support project managers through the administrative jungle, inform about actual alterations, create free scope and thereby capacities to advance the real project tasks. A well-prepared proposal saves a lot of communication, especially with regard to improvements. At COMPASS you will find assistance on application as well as on project planning and realisation. Thus a great idea may become an eligible proposal and a successful project with cross-border value after all.


Author: Silke Tosch

Consulting for cross border project funding and cross border project development. My main focus lies in consulting for INTERREG V A + B in the German-Dutch border region. I also have broad experiences in cultural management. Contact:

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