Innovation Competences for Destination Managers


Innovation and leadership are the most important ingredients for competitiveness! Anywhere, no matter which organization or sector. This is also valid for tourism destinations. But how do you “reach” innovations? Not at all! Being capable to innovate needs the right framework conditions as well as an enabling and appreciative leadership and interaction with each other. One needs to learn and train this. Moreover, there are methodologies, techniques and tools that can be used for support.

What does that mean for destination management? Destination managers often need to reconcile the following interest groups:

  • Private sector (hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, museums etc.)
  • Public administration
  • Politics
  • Environmentalists
  • Agriculture
  • Heritage conservation

Destination managers are, moreover, often faced with a strong pressure to justify themselves and the majority of them also let it go. That means there are rather often bad compromises instead of decisions by consensus.

Additionally, most of the stakeholders are equipped with a rather bad professional competence but join the conversation anyway. Everyone, after all, who had been on vacation once, thinks that he knows how destination management works.

It gets even worse by the fact that behavioral and process-related competences are largely missing as well. That means:

  • Moderation of highly heterogeneous working groups
  • Support of teams through change processes (most of the meetings, steering committees, sector events, round tables, administrative meetings, mostly have the exact same participants)
  • Development of innovative concepts
  • Coaching of entrepreneurs and politicians
  • Guiding change processes of the above mentioned interest groups
  • Support & management of implementation processes of co-operations (i.e. between municipalities, organizations, companies, border-crossing etc.)
  • Conflict resolution

Well, how can I transform resistance to change positively? Which tools do I need to moderate heterogeneous groups professionally? Which role does I as a destination manager play in differing situations and which behavior leads me to reach my goals? And these are just some of the most important questions.

As a result, together with our partner motiv-society for innovation, we transferred and adjusted existing successful industry management methodologies to destination management.

This training is especially designed for destination managers and tourism representatives, who like to enlarge their competences as leader and “enabler” in order to reach new and consensus-based decisions with different interests from private sector, administration, politics, agriculture, heritage conservation and environmental protection. Participants win basic and advanced methodologies for a well-planed and innovative destination development.

The training is delivered by motiv-society for innovation and our trainers.  Motiv is a network of 21 international recognized management trainers and is market leader for advanced vocational trainings in the area of innovation competences and change management in Germany. We, that is COMPASS, already consult for nearly 10 years destinations in Germany as well as internationally regarding strategy development, organization and marketing.

Are you interested in a team training of innovation competences for destination manager? Please get in contact with Mr. Karsten Palme or me. More information about our consulting services for destinations you may find on our website.

We wish you a great start into the weekend!

Henriette Stieger

Author: Henriette Stieger

I hold a Masters degree MSc. in Public Policy and Human Development, major: Sustainable Development (Maastricht University). Furthermore, I am a certified Project Manager for European Sustainable Development 'PM4ESD' (APMG certified july 2013) and I am a certified Innovation Trainer (july 2014 by motiv® Gesellschaft für Innovation/ Society for Innovation). I hold a B.A. (august 2008) in International Business, major: Tourism Management (CBS Cologne) as well as a certificate in hotel management from the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (july 2005). My consulting focus lies in marketing, training and sustainable tourism as well as in integrated regional development. Contact:, tel. +49 (0)221 9499201

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