DAAD Project: Tourism Study Programme for the Haitian University UCNH


In a collective project with the Cologne Business School, COMPASS is planning to develop a tourism study programme for and with the Haitian university UCNH (Université Chrétienne du Nord d’Haiti).

The UCNH is a not-for-profit private university that gives underprivileged Haitians access to university education. According to the CIA World Factbook (2014) about 80% of all Haitians live on under $2 a day. The University is largely financed by the Baptist church. The UCNH is committed to an education based on Christian values that goes beyond the scientific education. To introduce a study programme in “Sustainable Tourism Management” the UCNH needs professional and financial support. The demand for skilled employees in tourism in Haiti will grow because the government has identified tourism as one of the great development potentials of the country. Though, so far no emphasis was laid on a sustainable development that really helps the poor population.

Exactly those problems shall be addressed in this project. COMPASS and the CBS offer professional support, as both already have experience in setting-up tourism studies with a focus on sustainability. To finance the project an application was submitted for the DAAD-programme “Subject-related Partnerships with Institutions of Higher Education on Developing Countries”. Ultimately, the introduction of the study programme “Sustainable Tourism Management” (in English) at the UCNH shall have implications for the important development of tourism in Haiti the right way.

Currently, the submitted application is audited by the DAAD. A funding up to € 50,000 per year for 4 years is possible if the application is accepted by the selection committee. The funding of the project and thus also the project would start in January 2015. A detailed project plan was already developed. Therein it is recorded what shall be achieved in which of the, initially planned, 4 project years. But the project also aims to establish a long-term partnership between the CBS and the UCNH.

  • 2015: Analysis of the current situation and the conditions for higher education in Haiti
  • 2016: Finalise the development of the curriculum
  • 2017: Start with the first year of students
  • 2018: Excursion of CBS and UCNH students

We from COMPASS are looking forward to the upcoming project and are hoping for the confirmation of the funding from the DAAD. For the UCNH and whole Haiti this would be a great, important step towards a sustainable tourism development.

Hanno Martens


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