Customer Engagement through Social Media: Limburg Picture Puzzle


The digital, fast-changing world rapidly demands something new, something exciting to stand out in the crowd. Furthermore, one will create added value for users, wants to entertain him and challenge him. As a tourist destination, you also want to generate awareness and customer information.

In cooperation with our Dutch partner „Inovamedia“ we designed and developed, therefore, an innovative facebook add-on for our client the Dutch province of Limburg: the Limburg picture puzzle. Users get to know more about the region by solving the puzzle and answering questions about the pictures at the same time. Questions asked should not be too easy, you want to get the user looking for the answer by searching the web after all. In order to acquire new facebook fans and to create awareness, the user must like the fanpage “Limburg Tourismus” first before playing the first puzzle. As soon as the user finishes a puzzle successfully, he needs to provide his name and mail address to be able to participate in the competition. Additionally, he may click a box to receive the regular newsletter. That way we are allowed to use his contact details for future promotional activities.

Moreover, the puzzle can also be played outside of facebook and is integrated into the regular website (Tourismusbüro Limburg). By this we enlarge the target group which is critical in a market where facebook has limited coverage. Additionally, the website-based version allows for newsletter marketing, press releases and similar. The “I Like” feature does obviously not apply to this version, the request for contact details, however, still delivers relevant customer data.

The puzzle does not only make a lot of fun, it also teaches users about the region and of course, the fastest users can win great prices for trips to Limburg. Why don’t you just try it yourself?! (Note: Puzzle questions are in German)

Facebook version

Website version

Limburg Foto-Puzzle

Limburg Foto-Puzzle


Author: Henriette Stieger

I hold a Masters degree MSc. in Public Policy and Human Development, major: Sustainable Development (Maastricht University). Furthermore, I am a certified Project Manager for European Sustainable Development 'PM4ESD' (APMG certified july 2013) and I am a certified Innovation Trainer (july 2014 by motiv® Gesellschaft für Innovation/ Society for Innovation). I hold a B.A. (august 2008) in International Business, major: Tourism Management (CBS Cologne) as well as a certificate in hotel management from the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (july 2005). My consulting focus lies in marketing, training and sustainable tourism as well as in integrated regional development. Contact:, tel. +49 (0)221 9499201

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