A cross-border business magazine as a medium for Dutch-German cooperation?


Border areas are distinguished by their more distant location to the respective political center. Therefore the neighbourly cooperation between these regions appears to be more important. Often, the economic activities of companies are inhibited by the boundary location, just as well as there are difficulties in insurance and tax matters. Many other areas of life are also affected by the border and are shaped rather one-sided. Can a business magazine be a suitable medium to set off this isolated situation?

A new platform for entrepreneurs

A new cross-border business magazine (EuregioBusiness) wants to drop these (conscious as well as unconscious) barriers and bring companies, government agencies and educational institutions on both sides of the Dutch-German border together. It also provides information to relieve the inhibition of bi-national business successively. The magazine claims to become the bilingual information and advertising platform of the Dutch-German border area.

History of origin

From 2011 – 2013 the INTERREG project REGION WITHOUT BORDERS (Region ohne Grenzen) comprising the middle Lower Rhine and the Regio Venlo was carried out. In this project, COMPASS was involved as a performing party. It quickly became obvious that the region has to get rid of its island or half-circle thinking and therefore also has to include the area beyond the borders for their business activities. The dedicated entrepreneur Hennie Derks then approached the project office to find partners for a cross-border business newspaper. After some constructive meetings with German and Dutch participants, a lot of patience, empathy and intercultural jokes, the first edition of EuregioBusiness was launched on November 12.

Close to the reader

The magazine claims to meet the needs of local companies and to tackle issues that arise in everyday business in respect of cross-border cooperation. A growing number of German and Dutch entrepreneurs sees potential in entrepreneurial activity across the border, namely as an opportunity to expand their customer base, develop new markets and expand their business. In addition, the cross-border cooperation also offers the possibility to benefit from the mutual core competencies and to develop new products in this way. Also EuregioBusiness wants to convince companies to take the step across the border by providing the right information. Thus, the business magazine includes not only discussions on current and controversial issues, best practice examples and company presentations, but also presents innovations in the region and reports on funding opportunities and new projects. In addition, there is consulting on legal and statutory challenges as well as intercultural differences.

Chances of success?

Whether the magazine will become a success story, is probably shown only by time. Now its immediate concern is to make the magazine known by the companies and establish it on the market. In the many conversations with business owners and also an own survey within the project REGION WITHOUT BORDERS, it became already evident that there is great interest in cross-border cooperation. Information material is demanded most. Accordingly, EuregioBusiness has the potential to fill this knowledge gap. Another advantage: The magazine is available free of charge (by post or e-paper), so that the receipt consequently should pose no inhibitions.

Further information can be obtained on the website www.euregiobusiness.eu (under construction).


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