Meet-up of the German Tourism Industry: BTW Tourism Summit


Monday at the legendary Adlon Hotel in Berlin: everybody who is anybody in the German tourism industry met for the BTW Tourism Summit, taking place for the 17th time in a row. Like every year, of course the importance of the tourism industry for Germany (7 % of the workforce,4, 4% of GDP, more than the automotive industry) and Europe (400 million tourists per annum  = 40% of global tourism receipts, 30 million employees) was stressed – by Dr. Michael Frenzel, President of the BTW, as well as by Manuel Baroso, President of the European Commission.

Also the Greek Minister of Tourism pointed out how crucial tourism contributes to the resurgence of the Greek economy. Dr. Frenzel named the tourism segment as one of the „most challenging and most complex industries in general” and like no other a cross-sectional business. The day was very long, but because of the speakers and interesting content really varied. Some new ideas and different ways of thinking from other business segments provided inspirations for the tourism industry. At the subsequent “Wining and Dining” in the jam-packed ballroom at the Adlon’s the industry then  networked until the wee morning hours.

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Author: Martina Leicher

I am Managing Director of COMPASS and studied Geography and Ethnology at the Universlty of Cologne and Urban Development at the University of Bonn. My consultancy focus lies in destination management and tourism marketing, as well as in research with concentration on tourism & peace and sustainibility. Contact:, tel. +49 (0)221 29062838

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