Blogs: Who could be the author?


We started this blog here as a corporate blog. For usso much is clear: We, as employees of COMPASS, are writing our posts by ourselves and are giving impressions from our daily work.

But there are still much more possibilities of who is writing the posts on a blog. We would like to present some of them. We will divide the blog-authors in the following overview based on the principal target group of the blog: is it targeted to business contacts (B2B) or directly to the consumer (B2C)?

Blogs with the target group B2B


If you want to start a blog targeted on B2B, of course your employees should blog. Only they can really refer to the daily work at your office and to actual and finished projects. The employees convey very well the competence of your organization.


Hardly a company is working absolutely alone. Instead of this, there is very often a cooperation with other firms. These firms or freelancers could present themselves in posts on your blog. This shows your readers the broad network of your organization.


You would like to present a very special topic? What about a guest-post of a specialist for this? They could share their know-how in an own, completely self-written and delivered blog post. Alternatively you could also think about the format of an interview.


Your project is finished. What about your client speaking about it? Your client could present his own perspective on the project and its result. That’s very authentic and not done often until now.

Blogs with the target group B2C


Of course, the employees could also write the posts for a blog of an organization which is targeted to the consumers. Just imagine: the employees of a destination marketing organization are presenting their personal tips for this destination. The part of “personal” is very important here.


A national tourist organization is working together with the different DMOs; the DMO, however, is working together with the different attractions and accommodations of the region. Presenting their tips and impressions on the blog will broaden the content. Also, the blog will come to a more common project in the region which will get stronger supported by the partners.


Both inhabitants of the destination and visitors of it could publish their direct and personal impressions of the region in the blog. Travel bloggers are also belonging to this group of visitors.

Not to forget

Before you can choose your bloggers, you should of course clarify some things concerning the blog:

  • Which strategy is your company following, principally in social media?
  • Which strategy is your company following with the blog?
  • Which target group should get reached with the blog?
  • Which topics should get presented on the blog?
  • What about the state of affairs concerning the cooperation with partners and other companies?
  • What about your personal and financial input you can invest into the blog?
  • An editorial planning should be set-up, which combines both the topics and the authors and the timing in one overview.



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