The new funding period 2014-2020 will bring some changes to INTERREG V


INTERREG Deutschland-Nederland

INTERREG Deutschland-Nederland

Soon, the final figures will be announced that will bring clarity on whether 6.6 billion of funding will be put in the new INTERREG V programme. The Euroregions in the German-Dutch border area are currently working on the Operational Programme which designs the topics for eligible projects in that region. From the 11 subjects prescribed by regulation only a number of 4-5 issues are allowed to be chosen. This decision is imminent.

Prepared by a working group, 6 of the 11 subjects so far received preference for the German-Dutch programme area: innovation, SMEs, environmental protection and sustainability, sustainable infrastructure and improvement of the infrastructural networks, human capital and cooperation between citizens and institutions.

In the discussion of the Euroregion working group it also became clear that the issues should not be limited to economic and innovative topics but should have a larger scope. Thus for example tourism is not explicitly named among the 11 given topics and will be probably only get promotion in conjunction with other subjects. The current position to promote the matter of tourism with cultural and natural heritage was considered critical by the euroregion working group. One can see that the importance of promoting tourism is much stronger in the areas of energy and reducing CO₂ emissions, CO₂ neutral tourism of the promotion of business, science and SMEs. In the working group one is aware of the high innovative potential in tourism and hopes that this will be considered in the formulation of framework conditions.

We keep at it to inform you here about the further progress.

Update 11.02.: At the 20th March the European Commission organises an information event about the EU funding opportunities for the tourism sector.


Author: Silke Tosch

Consulting for cross border project funding and cross border project development. My main focus lies in consulting for INTERREG V A + B in the German-Dutch border region. I also have broad experiences in cultural management. Contact:

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